Annual Marathons and Running Events in Israel

Israel has several marathons which are unique because of the terrain they cover. Imagine running through a desert, an ancient city or along the shore of the Mediterranean. Among the many races held annually in Israel here are the top international running events in Israel:

Eilat International Desert Marathon and Half Marathon – 28th November, 2014, Eilat

This will be the first marathon and fourth half marathon held in Israel’s beach resort city on the Red Sea. There will also be a 10k and 5k course as well as a 2k course for kids. The race begins on the northern edge of Eilat and travels behind the resort hotels through the Holland Forest, along a creek, through a valley and into the desert landscape of the Shchoret Mountains. In addition to the race there will be activities and happenings for the whole family. Registration can be done online at up until the 10th of November.

Tiberias International Marathon – 9th January 2015, Tiberias

Run through some of the most picturesque countryside in Israel along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The marathon course follows the Sea of Galilee passed historic Jewish and Christian landmarks, through the city of Tiberias, across the Jordan River and up to Kibbutz Ein-Gev before returning to Tiberias. This will be the 38th Tiberias Marathon and in addition to the race there will be walking tours, exhibitions and other sporting events. Registration between 31st August and 15th December at

Ein Gedi Run – 13-14th February, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea

Try running at the lowest point on Earth along the salt encrusted shores of the Dead Sea in the Judean Desert. This annual run has been held since 1981. There is a 10k run and a 25k run which starts in Ein Gedi reaches the foot of Mount Masada, another iconic Israeli site and returns to Ein Gedi. The event includes 10k walking races for various age groups. The Ein Gedi run offers a tough challenge through hot, dry surroundings but a truly unique running experience. For more information check out

Tel-Aviv Samsung Marathon – 27th February 2015, Tel-Aviv

This marathon course takes you through the streets of the White City passed the many Bauhaus buildings, along tree lined boulevards, passed Israel’s tallest buildings, along the Mediterranean shore and through Old Jaffa Port. The marathon finish line is in Ganei Yehoshua Park where there will be an extravagant after party. Along the marathon route stages will be set up with musical performances and the atmosphere promises to be festive. The event is billed as a non-stop party!  Runners can choose from a full marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k, hand-cycle race and a 420 meter race for kids. Registration is from 29th November to 22nd February and can be done at

Jerusalem International Winner Marathon – 13th March 2015, Jerusalem

This marathon route is through a challenging uneven urban terrain recommended for experienced runners. Runners can follow Jerusalem’s ancient cobbled streets passed historical and Biblical landmarks including the Mount of Olives, Mount Zion, the Old City and the modern city center. There is a full marathon option, half marathon option, 10k and a competitive and non-competitive 5k run. There is also an 800 meter charity run to raise money for the needy. Simultaneously there will be a Health and Sport Expo and other festive events. Early registration is from before November 10th and up to 23rd February 2015 on