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5 Israeli Hidden Gem Museums

There are many excellent museums in Israel including the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv Art Museum. However there are also many little known museums which are fascinating yet seldom visited by tourists. Here are some hidden gems that you should try to visit if you get the chance. Continue reading


Following the Gospel Trail

In Israel you can literally follow in the footsteps of Jesus, visiting the many locations where he preached, lived and died. The Gospel Trail (also called the Jesus Trail) is a moderate hike route which has been devised linking several significant points mentioned in the Gospel so that those following the trail can not only enjoy the gorgeous countryside of northern Israel but also visit Biblical sites. Continue reading


Tel Aviv’s Vegan Restaurants

Vegans visiting Tel Aviv won’t go hungry. In fact the city is considered one of the best vegan-friendly cities in the world. Israel has about 200,000 vegan residents, most of who live in Tel Aviv. Vegan in Hebrew is “tivoni” and the concept is generally understood so feel free to ask in restaurants if they have anything tivoni. Here are just few of the many vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv. Continue reading