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Hezi Tsarfati

Tour guide Hezi ZarfatiHezi was born and grew up in Jerusalem.

He served for 4 years in the Army Intelligence Unit. After graduated with a BA degree in Media and Environmental Studies from Ben Gurion University he worked for 6 years as an ecologist in KANAT Insurance fund for natural risks in agriculture.

Hezi spent over 2 years in South East Asia where he taught English and Geography to underprivileged children in remote villages of Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam as part of the ACE (Australian Center for Education) program.

Hezi speaks Hebrew, English and Arabic and specializes in environment, Ecotourism and religion (Judaism and Christianity).

A tour to Jerusalem and The Dead Sea, on the first Friday of the Ramadan, with tour guide Hezi Tsarfati

Amir Call OR

Tour Guide Amir Call OrBorn and raised in the center of Israel, Amir has served 3 years in the IDF radio station (Galatz). After travels and work in over 30 countries, He graduated with a degree in education (B.Ed), Arabic and Regional Studies (Yediat Ha’aretz), and worked as a guide for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. An aficionado of languages and travels, Amir combines these two with his dedication to education, working for the last 11 years as a tour guide, as well as an Arabic and Hebrew teacher. Amir currently lives in Ma’ale Zvia in the beautiful Galilee. Click here for Amir’s complete CV in PDF format:  Amir Call Or – Licensed Tour Guide

Ori Stern

Tour Guide Ori SternShalom, Let me introduce myself…My name is Ori Stern, Born on February 1971 as a third generation of farmers in Moshav Beit Yanay , and seventh generation in Israel.

Living near one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, I spent my youth between the cliff and the beach, as the fields and orchards being my playground.

From 1989 to 1992 I served in the IDF, donating as much as I could to my country.

In 1996 , my grandfather, whom I was very close to, passed away. I felt that life is too short for running in circles, so after a few months I found myself in the beginning of my journey. And it was a long one… Continue reading

Yossi Elmackias

Tour Guide Yossi ElmakayesLanguages: Hebrew, English
Licensed tour guide
Specializes in biblical and historical tours in Israel, especially Jerusalem.
Other activities: Geography and bible teacher (MEd)

Amir Teynee

Amir 3With over 30 years experience guiding tourists, Amir has the wealth of knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm to make your tour into an unforgettable event. After being born and raised on an old style Kibbutz, he then branched out, spending a few years living in England. Therefore he is fluent in English and with particular insight into Christianity, Amir will inspire your visit and sprinkle it with humor. Always willing to go the extra mile, you’ll be glad you chose him as your guide.