Ori Stern

Tour Guide Ori SternShalom, Let me introduce myself…My name is Ori Stern, Born on February 1971 as a third generation of farmers in Moshav Beit Yanay , and seventh generation in Israel.

Living near one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, I spent my youth between the cliff and the beach, as the fields and orchards being my playground.

From 1989 to 1992 I served in the IDF, donating as much as I could to my country.

In 1996 , my grandfather, whom I was very close to, passed away. I felt that life is too short for running in circles, so after a few months I found myself in the beginning of my journey. And it was a long one…

I traveled for seven years. During this time I lived in India and Sweden for long periods of time and visited England, Crete and other European countries for various times. In those years, looking at the variety of places ,culture and people, I grew to the understanding that I’m a “facilitator” … the one who can find his way to talk with anyone in his “language” with a smile.

In 2003 I decided to settle down, and came back to Israel to stay. Using the knowledge I picked on the road, I decided to build myself a house with my own two hands, on my grandfather’s land. I also decided it should be an ecologic house, so I built it from balls of straw, surrounding it with organic garden and a grass growing roof.

But still there was a feeling of something missing, I tried to look for ways to combine my love for Israel, my knowledge of her ways , her people and her stories, with the need to share them with my travel companions.

That was the decision point at which I decided to become a tour guide; between the years 2007-2008 studied in “the society for preserving nature in Israel” school, and got a diploma of licensed tour guide.

And when you got started you must go on , so now I’m finishing my B.A degree in “Israel studies” at Haifa university.

During those years I met “The one”, we got married in 2010, and since Meirav (my wife) is a real city girl, we moved to the big city – Tel Aviv.

I started to work as a tour guide in 2009. Accompanying tourists who come to visit and learn about my land. I respect my travel companions for taking the time to experience this small, condense unique place.

Walking in the allies of the holy city of Jerusalem, enjoying the coastal city of Tel aviv, looking at the view from the top of Masada, driving through the desert, climbing up the Golan heights, circling the sea of Galilee or going under the sea level down to the Dead Sea. And mostly spending your days with me, connecting between all the testaments, and coming to realize the magic of Israel.

Looking forward to hearing from you.