Thank you note – Osi Kaufman

Yesterday my husband and I went on a day tour to Nazareth with Aussi as our guide.

I am an Israeli who has lived abroad and have not been back to Israel to visit for 20 plus years and my husband is a christian and this is his first visit to Israel.

We both enjoyed the tour enormously. Auffi was fabulous at giving us the history of the country, the various religions and their needs, trials and tribulations and the profound work that is going on, in Israel, to service everyone and solve problems for safety humanity and growth.

we both enjoyed the tour and got so much out of it we have agreed we want to take more tours like this to get in depth education about the locations and the history. (in contrast to friends taking us around )

I must also add that Auffi, was entertaining and full of humor in his delivery and made it a delight to travel, to walk and to be part of his group.

Many thanks to you all for a wonderful service,