Amazing Spring Break Tours to Israel

You can spend your spring break doing many things. Chances are, there are pretty good partying going on wherever you came from, and if you think of Israel as your spring break destination, it means you want more. You want to party, sure, but for you that’s not enough. So let us tell you how you can combine your big chill with a spiritual journey, in one of the most amazing Israel tours offered by BeinHarim Tours.

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Catholic Tours to Bethlehem from Tel Aviv

Where It All Happened
According to an ancient Hebrew saying, “a man is the fruit of his home’s landscapes.” The Christ is no mere man, of course, but as God sent His only begotten son to walk amongst us, we should feel blessed for having the opportunity to know Him and walk in his footsteps, as well as witnessing with our own eyes the environment in which He was born. Though the spiritual distance could not be greater, the actual distance between Tel Aviv and Bethlehem is quite manageable, which makes it an ideal tour for any Catholic that wants to combine a visit in the lively metropolis with a spiritual experience.




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Easter Pilgrim Tours to Israel

Christians planning a special trip to Israel for Easter can opt to take a number of tours which include religious ceremonies, touring religious sites and seeing the rest of the country. The highlight of an Easter pilgrim tour is the Palm Sunday Procession. If you are taking an Israel tour during Easter then make sure the Palm Sunday procession is included in your itinerary. As Israel is a Jewish country the Easter holiday is not a national holiday – there is no school vacation or day off work for Israelis over Easter. However in the cities with significant Christian populations there are celebrations and religious services. The cities with the highest concentration of Christians in Israel are Nazareth and Jerusalem.

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Tel Jericho (Tel es-Sultan)

Tel Jericho is an archaeological site in the northeastern section of Jericho also known as er-Riha, Yeriho, Tel es-Sultan and Eriha. The tel (mound or hill) was the location of ancient Jericho and today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site within the Palestinian Authority West Bank. The site is located in the lower plains of the Jordan Valley, about 10km north of the Dead Sea at 250 meters below sea level. It is close to the Ein es-Sultan spring. 
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View from Mount of Olives

Daily Sightseeing Tours in Jerusalem

Jerusalem holds many marvelous sights; from history to scenery, from the architectural wonders to the bustling markets, there are many ways to enjoy and explore this one-of-a-kind city. Because Jerusalem is so rich with things to see and do, a day visit is often not enough to absorb all that it can offer. This makes Jerusalem a prime spot for tour packages in Israel, which spread the Continue reading